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Natural gas-driven Mercedes-Benz B 200 to debut in Paris

Mercedes-Benz will introduce its new Mercedes 200 Natural Gas Drive at Paris Motor Show (from 27 September to 14 October 2012). The newest model of the B class using two types of fuel produces by 16 % less emissions of CO2 in the compressed natural gas version compared to gasoline at the same power. It also produces significantly cleaner exhaust gases and operating cost is by approximately 50 % lower compared to similar gasoline model. In the compressed natural gas mode the consumption of B 200 Natural Gas Drive with the output of 115 kW (156 HP) is just 4.2 kg/100 km – which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 115 g/km.

B 200 Natural Gas Drive is the first model in B class to use “ENERGY SPACE” modular concept: partially double bottom under back seats forms a space for one large and two smaller natural gas storage vessels of the total volume 125 litres of natural gas (corresponding to approximately 21 kg). This arrangement enables keeping of the spatial boot at the 5-seat model.

Layout of cylinders at Mercedes-Benz B 200

Layout of cylinders at Mercedes-Benz B 200
The new model belongs to A performance class and meets the EURO 6 emission standard that will become valid for all gasoline engines on 1 September 2014. The model saves both the environment and your money: if we convert consumption of B 200 Natural Gas Drive to an energy equivalent of gasoline, the price for a kilometre is lower by 50 % than the gasoline model fuel cost.

Also the operation is on a similar dynamic level: B 200 Natural Gas Drive can achieve the speed up to 200 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 second. B 200 Natural Gas Drive operates on the basis of monovalent + principle. It means that the engine is practically natural gas operated. For the case of emergency, however, there is a 12 litre gasoline tank available. In case the gas storage tank is empty, the vehicle will switch to gasoline automatically. Because a driver is not able to choose the gasoline drive mode by himself/herself, B 200 Natural Gas Drive is subject to better taxes than pure natural gas driven vehicle. Driving distance using natural gas is approximately 500 km.

In case of B 200 Natural Gas Drive a computer menu in the dashboard was extended: an appropriate operating mode is shown. Within the gasoline mode there is further included level and rest indicator. Within the gas operation mode a driver can access all the common functions of the computer.

Mercedes Benz B 200Vehicles equipped with natural gas are not only environmental friendly but also sustainable. The reason is that they can operate using mineral natural gas as well as biomethane. They can also use synthetic gas produced using “excessive” energy from solar or wind power plants, which could help solve storage problems in future that the alternative power generation is going to face. In this aspect B 200 Natural Gas Drive can be considered emission free.

B 200 Natural Gas Drive will celebrate its world premiere at the Motor Show in Paris and it is available both with manual as well as automatic gearbox 7G-DCT. It should be brought to market at the beginning of 2013.
B 200 Natural Gas Drive brings partially economic and ecological option into the new Mercedes-Benz B class family.