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This appliance manufactured by MOTOR JIKOV is intended for direct filling of vehicles with compressed natural gas. It is the easiest and fastest installation associated with the lowest investment cost. It is suitable for users owning a fleet of one to six CNG vehicles. Recommended filling time: overnight.

MJ compact 05

Comfortable operation with sophisticated safety elements – breakaway coupling, methane sensor, heat compensation etc.

MJ Compact 05 is characterised by low operation and service costs.
The heart of the appliance is a three-stage JIKOV oil-lubricated compressor with a power of 5 Nm³/h and maximum output pressure of 250 bars. For example a 80 l vehicle tank is filled from 0 to 200 bars, i.e. 16 m³ or approximately 11.5 kg CNG, in a maximum of 3 hours.

The vehicle filling process is electronically controlled in automatic mode, which secures trouble-free operation of the appliance.
The appliance includes a gas drier, NGV1 terminal, oil filter and gas filter.

MJ Compact 05 main elements

– 3-stage oil lubricated compressor with oil filter and oil pressure switch
– integrated gas meter with pulse counter
– automatic filling process –B&R control unit
– temperature and pressure sensors for temperature compensation of output pressure
– gas leakage sensor
– breakaway coupling + hose 4.5 or 6.5 m + NGV1 filling terminal
– integrated gas drier for 1,000 hours of operation

Technical parameters of MJ Compact 05

– maximal filling pressure of 200 bar at 15 °C
– minimal input gas pressure in the appliance of 0.01 bar
– maximal input gas pressure in the appliance of 0.3 bar
– range of operating temperatures -15 to +50 °C with the Standard model or+ 5 to 50 °C with the Mild climate model
– minimal nominal power of 5 Nm3/h at 15 °C and 200 bar at input gas pressure of 0.1 bar
– electric connection 3 x 400V, three-phase, 50 Hz
– current circuit breaker for connection of 10 A
– electric motor 2.2 kW, 2,800 rpm
– dimensions (width x height x length) in mm: 600 x 1050 x 780
– weight 135 kg
– noise 65 dB

MJ Compact 05 order information

Order No. GK-9801-01 GK-9803-01 GK-9804-01 GK-9805-01 GK-9806-01
Model Standard Standard Standard Standard Mild climate
Output hose 1 x 4,5 m 1x 6,5 m 2 x 4,5 m 2 x 6,5 m 1x 4,5 m

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