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MJ Compact 05 domestic vehicle refuelling appliance
Small compact refueling appliance enabling filling of CNG vehicles comfortably in-house or on the premises of small companies. The unit connects to the gas supply and power socket. Simple, fast, with the lowest investment costs.

MJ Variant refueling appliance
This refueling appliance with a compressed gas storage tank is a basic solution for fast CNG filling. It can be used for public filling stations. CNG filling takes the same time as liquid fuels, from 2 to 3 minutes.

MJ Variant Plus filling station
A compact filling station with a storage tank for compressed natural gas with the volume of 1,680 l creates a basic ideal set of 2 to 4 MJ 05 compressors for fast filling of CNG based on the MJ Variant type. It is similar to the public filling station with minimal installation and operation demands.

MJ Compact Plus filling station
MJ Compact Plus is equipped with one or two compressors with an output of 19.5 Nm3/hour – 28,0 Nm3/hour each and gas storage tanks with a capacity from 1,120 to 3,360 l. It is ideal for users with a large CNG fleet.

CNG SAT filling technology
MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská is an exclusive supplier of German CNG filling technology manufactured by Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH. The supplied comprehensive set includes filling stations, dispensers and biogas treatment systems to achieve natural gas quality, and other equipment.

High-pressure air compressor MJ Trident 05
The Trident 05 high-pressure air compressor is used for filling pressure vessels with air to be used by divers, rescuers, firemen, paintball and airsoft players, as well as for industrial applications.