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The MJ Variant Plus filling station was developed in 2013 within the framework of innovations implemented by the MOTOR JIKOV company based on our experience in the area of development, production and operation of own CNG filling systems with a lower power. It combines the positive properties of MJ Variant, such as in particular flexibility and variability of the technical solution, and of MJ Compact Plus, which is characterised by a simple installation and minimal construction demands.

The MJ Variant Plus filling station is intended for users with the annual consumption of CNG up to 60,000 m3, who require fast filling of the vehicle.
The MJ Variant Plus filling station is equipped with a large storage tank for compressed natural gas with the volume of 1,680 l, which guarantees fast filling of CNG powered vehicles as in the case of the public filling station, i.e. about 2-3 minutes. Due to the large volume of the storage tank, it is not necessary to wait for its filling or to possibly fill the vehicles in certain intervals defined in advance. This will be appreciated especially by users operating fork-lift trucks in multi-shift operations.

The whole station is situated in a technological concrete container of the size:  2.5×3.5×2.5m. All technology is placed inside. During the installation it is necessary to secure the concrete footing for the compressor and gas and electricity connections.

The filling station may be equipped with:

a) the simple manual vehicle filling system, including a dispenser with storage tank pressure section manometers, filling pressure manometer, three-way filling control valve, filling pressure regulator, filling hose with a nozzle and a breakaway coupling.

b) a comfortable dispenser with the automatic filling process, a card access, CNG flow measuring system (all shown on the display of the dispenser), filling hose with a filling nozzle and a breakaway coupling. Together with our filling technologies we usually provide dispensers by AdastSystem.

c) the manual filling system, which is completed with the CNG consumption (flow) measuring system and a chip access to identify the user and his/her consumption.
Order information for MJ Variant Plus :

Type 2K-1680 3K-1680 4K-1680    
Storage tank volume 1680 l 1680 l 1680 l    
Number of MJ 05 compressors  2 3 4    
Power in Nm3/hour 10 15 20    

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