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MOTOR JIKOV GROUP expands on European market with CNG vehicle refuelling appliances

Production of CNG vehicle refuelling appliances is a project which MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská invests lots of energy in. The interest in alternative drive sources for engine vehicles grows enormously. And it is especially compressed natural gas that is one of the most economic and environmental options ever.

COMPACT MJ 05, the domestic vehicle refuelling appliance was awarded the E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR 2011

MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská has been successful in production of MJ Compact 05, which won the prestigious E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR 2011 in the category of Air. The appliance has all assumptions to become one of the technological pillars enabling in particular domestic and internal company filling of vehicles in the Czech Republic as well as in other European countries.

A team of technicians from five European countries met in the Prátr training centre in Třeboň in mid-September within the First International Service Workshop for MJ Compact 05 vehicle refuelling appliance engineers. The four-day workshop was aimed to exchange the maximum of information regarding technical aspects of design, use and service of this top refuelling appliance. Apart from the Czech participants the international team was comprised of experts from Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.

International team in action
Greek partners of the project are representatives of a family business which has been dealing with sale of passenger cars and conversion of vehicles to LPG for a long time, Mr. George Maroulis and Mr. Panos Karvounis. Based on a wealth of experience in LPG sale in Greece they contacted MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská, which they consider a strong player with a more than good background, potential and engineering tradition.

“The Greek government prepares many incentives to support ecological fuels. Therefore we can see opportunities in creating a sales network all over Greece. We are pleased that our partner in distribution of refuelling appliances will be MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská,” said Panos Karvounis.
Other members of the team include representatives from Hungary, Mr. Zoltán Kovacs and Áron Galambosi. Their company is an exclusive seller of CNG technologies in Hungary. Cooperation with this CNG conversion specialist has been going on for two and a half years. Zoltán Kovacs being an electro-engineer shares precious practical experience within the team and his observations are also considered in the construction of appliances. “There are only three public CNG filling stations all over Hungary. A potential for development is thus enormous,” said Zoltán Kovacs, which appreciates not only the design but many interesting technical solutions of Compact MJ 05.

Joseph van As, a project manager and CNG specialist, represents an important company from Holland. It is a strong and stable company which deals with construction and technologies of standard vehicle refuelling appliances. Its target is to extend the portfolio with building CNG appliances for all Benelux countries, with a big potential especially in Belgium. The company emphasizes innovative technical solutions. Therefore it chose MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská as a partner last year. At present, the negotiations are ongoing on a gradual implementation of the complex CNG assortment.
Another foreign member of the team is the Linz company represented by Mr. Klaus Grabner

MOTOR JIKOV GROUP expands on European market with CNG vehicle refuelling appliances