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CNG station for Hayes Lemmerz Czech

December 2013 – CNG station completed and commissioned at Hayes Lemmerz Czech, Alukola Division in Ostrava- Kunčice. This is an MJ Compact Plus double-compressor filling station with a power of 40 m3/hour and a double-section high-pressure storage tank for 1,680l of compressed natural gas, and the ADAST V Line dispenser, including a filling hose with NGV1 nozzle. The station was manufactured by MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská and will serve for filling gas-powered Linde fork-lift trucks. This station enables fast filling of medium-size CNG powered fleets.

Operating of natural gas powered fork-lift trucks can save up to 50-70 % fuel costs compared to diesel, besides reducing emissions.

The Hayes Lemmerz company started its business in the Czech Republic in 1993 as joint venture of Nová Huť and the American company Hayes Wheels International. Since 1997 it is fully owned by Hayes Lemmerz International. It currently has 2 production divisions – Alukola and Autokola with registered office in Ostrava. Its production volume is in millions of wheels per year.

The Autokola plant produces steel wheels for fork-lift trucks and industrial trucks, while the Alukola plant produces cast aluminium car wheels. The company’s largest customers include General Motors, Volkswagen, KIA, Ford, Suzuki, Toyota and PSA. In the field of fork-lift truck wheels, customers include NACCO, Still, Daewoo and Trelleborg.