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Fork-lift trucks in Častolovice Isover convert to CNG

November 2013 –  MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská in cooperation with Linde Material Handling Czech Republic (Linde MH) commissioned an internal company CNG filling station in Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ, Isover Častolovice Division.

For this CNG implementation project the MOTOR JIKOV Company supplied a CNG filling station of the MJ Compact Plus 40-1680 series. It is a 2-compressor filling station for fast filling of fork-lift trucks with compressed natural gas with a maximum power of 40 m3/hour and a 1,680 litre two-section high-pressure storage tank. Compressed natural gas discharge is manual with a pressure controller of 200 bar, using two NGV1 terminals.

Linde MH supplied a total of 18 CNG-powered Linde H16 and Linde H20 fork-lift trucks to Isover. They will replace the existing diesel fork-lift trucks used for handling products between production lines, in warehouses and when loading shipped products and goods.

“This is another important step fulfilling our long-term strategy in the field of health and environmental protection. Due to CNG technology we will achieve a significant reduction of emissions, which has a direct positive impact on the working environment in production plants as well as the overall environment, not only in the surroundings of our factory ,“ says Jiří Šulák, a Director of the Isover Častolovice production plant.


“New CNG fork-lift trucks by Linde MH will help to optimise not only the logistic processes in the company and increase work safety but they will mainly bring significant fuel cost savings,“ says Jindřich Kotyza, a representative of Linde Material Handling Czech Republic, and adds “compared to diesel engines, approximately 50 % of the fuel costs will be saved.“

Isover Division, Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ a. s.

The Isover Division is a part of the Saint-Gobain corporation and offers a wide assortment of heat, sound and fire insulation made of environmental friendly natural materials – products made of quartz and glass fibre, expanded polystyrene (EPS) as well as extruded polystyrene (XPS). Isover Multi-Comfort House is one of the company’s main communication projects; it is focused on supporting the construction of houses in a passive standard, with an active approach to the environment. The main target is to provide the owners of these houses with maximum comfort, heating cost savings and a safe environment for living. (Reference to TZ Linde MH.)