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Successful installation of vehicle refuelling appliances in Slovenia

A total of 5 MJ Compact 05 vehicle refuelling appliances already fill the Volkswagen and Fiat vehicles with compressed natural gas in Maribor, Ljubljana and Jesenice in Slovenia. The Jesenice-based company ENOS LNG d.o.o., dealing especially with LNG production, purchased the vehicle refuelling appliances as early as in 2010. The stations have already produced from 3 to 5 thousand m3 of CNG each in a slow filing mode and without any major technical problem since.

Installation of MJ05 - Energetika Maribor – Slovenia

Slovenia is one of many European countries where the use of natural gas as a combustion engine fuel is almost an unknown matter. Just about 50 CNG vehicles and only 2 public filling stations were registered here at the end of 2011. Therefore we consider sale of 5 vehicle refuelling appliances being rather a big success and believe that our successful installations will contribute to extension of CNG in this territory.

Instalace MJ05 - Energetika Maribor - Slovinsko