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New CNG filling station in Písek has started operation

After Tábor and České Budějovice, the third public CNG filling station in the South Bohemian Region has started serving motorists. It is located on the premises of the Jitex company in Písek.

The Jitex station is situated in the vicinity of the new R4 motorway, a strategic link between the Písek region and Prague. It is available to the public and will also be used by the CNG-powered urban and suburban transport in Písek. It is automated and enables credit card payment.

The first transport company to use CNG buses for urban transportation in Písek is ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice. “We look for possibilities for improving the company economy. We decided that CNG is the best alternative to diesel. CNG has an undisputed environmental benefit, especially in cities. Its use also means lower operating costs and tax benefits, and compared to diesel CNG is safer, is practically never stolen, the buses heat better, are quieter and offer better travel comfort to passengers. We are planning on operating twenty CNG buses, which is one tenth of our current fleet,“ says Vladimír Homola, the general director of ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice.

The investor of the construction is ZLINER ENERGY, a subsidiary of ZLINER. It has provided services for bus transport for over 60 years, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and other European countries. ZLINER ENERGY provides a unique comprehensive service:

Construction of filling stations, which are paid for in the form of payments for the consumed natural gas and fleet rental. It is gradually becoming one of the main players in the area of CNG filling station construction in the Czech Republic. It offers fleet sale as well as rental for fast fleet modernisation.

The main technological parts of the filling station includes a compressor house, CNG pressure vessels and a dispenser with a payment terminal, which enables easy operation and non-stop cashless payment. The heart of the station is the SV 1300 NG 1 compressor, which compresses 140 m3 of gas per hour into tanks with a volume of 4,480 litres and operating pressure 285 bars. The station enables filling of all types CNG vehicles. If required, the power of the station can be doubled by adding a second compressor.

MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská is the supplier of equipment and services for the new CNG station in Písek.  “Every new filling station is important for us, since we expect a lot from the joint CNG project. We are the only company here to have developed and produced sophisticated technologies for the CNG filling process and received expert awards as well as appreciation of the public at motor shows. The replacement of standard fuels with environmental and cost-efficient compressed natural gas has a future and big development potential”, Miroslav Dvořák, the Chairman of Board and General Director of MOTOR JIKOV Group appreciated the project.