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MOTOR JIKOV developed a new CNG filling station

May 2017 – The MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s. portfolio of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations now includes the new MJ Compact 60. This unit is well suited for use as a company private station with a wider-range fleet but it can also serve well as a small public filling station for not-so-busy routes. The company plans to build one, for instance, in Soběslav.
“Intensive development work was very fast. A challenge was to incorporate a new-type compressor. Technicians had to come with a new arrangement of the station and develop a completely new electrical set and new control system. MJ Compact 60 follows up on the current MJ Compact line but, as a result of a single compressor, brings many benefits such as lower servicing costs,” said Miroslav Dvořák, the MOTOR JIKOV Group General Director.

The main triumph of the unit is its new J. A. Becker brand, four-stage, air-cooled compressor, with the capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour. “This is possible because the output pressure comes up to 285 bars, which means an advantage compared to our competitors who usually offer compressors with an output pressure of 250 bars. The compressor thus improves the percentual utilization of the unit gas accumulator,“ explained Jan Kocourek, the CNG MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská Sales Manager.
The station is fitted with 1,680 liter gas accumulators, but their size may be customized to customer specification. “Basically, we are only limited as to the size of the box housing the station,“ Jan Kocourek completed.
The station allows for fitting even the simplest, manual dispenser or a more sophisticated electronic dispenser that can keep track of filling volumes or even a classic, stand-alone dispenser automat.

MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská, a.s. develops, manufactures and supplies to the market a full range of CNG filling units, but it also provides the related servicing and maintenance, designing, engineering and civil work, as well as advances financing for construction and operation. In addition to supplying the market with small and company filling units, it also proceeds with its project constructing public CNG filling stations. MOTOR JIKOV GROUP uses CNG-powered cars and fork-lift trucks in its company fleet, where they make up for more than 80 per cent of all vehicles. Its annual fuel cost savings amount to almost two million CZK.