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MJ Plus dispenser is already in operation

June 2014 –MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská has introduced on the market an extension of a manual panel for the quick filling of compressed natural gas. MOTOR JIKOV offers this new MJ Plus solution as an optional accessory for the basic configuration of MJ Variant Plus and MJ Compact Plus filling stations, whose functions are extended by identifying the users, measuring CNG consumption in kilograms, filling records and automatic switching of pressure vessel sections.

Filling from the station, or the pressure vessel if you like, starts automatically after identifying the user through the assigned RFID card, including an automatic switching between the individual sections of the vessel. The consumed CNG amount is measured with a non-commercial gauge (mass flow meter) and archived in the filling station control unit for 12 months. An Internet connection enables detailed statistics to be monitored through user’s intranet.


MJ Variant Plus is a compact filling station with an integrated storage vessel of compressed natural gas with a maximal volume of 1,680 l. The design of the device also enables the gradual extension of CNG production capacity up to a maximum of 4 MJ 05 compressors with the station total power of 20 Nm3/hour, for example.

The MJ Compact Plus filling station is a compact device equipped with one or two compressors with 19.5 Nm3/hour power each and input gas suction of 0.2 bars or 28.0 Nm3/hour with a suction of 3 bars. The station further contains two- or three-sectioned compressed gas vessels ranging from 1,120 to 3,360 l sizes. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for filling from twenty to sixty CNG powered vehicles.

Bearing in mind that both of these stations are situated in a concrete container, it is necessary to prepare concrete footings for container placement prior to installation, a natural gas connection as well as an electricity connection and the Internet.