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MJ Compact 05 domestic vehicle refuelling appliance now available in the 230V version

Development of the MJ Compact 05 domestic vehicle refuelling appliance with single–phase power of 230V / 50Hz was completed at the end of last year and followed up by successful final testing. The refuelling appliance was released for serial production at the beginning of this year and it has been available to end customers, especially domestic users and small businesses, since April. These were our main target groups since many customers not only from Czech but also from other European countries demanded and required this power supply alternative.  Not everyone has an available 3-phase 400V power socket.

MOTOR JIKOV_pplnička 2At first sight, the design of the appliance does not differ from the older 400V version. The motor (single-phase WEG 2.2 kW) and the whole switch gear certainly been adjusted and modified to the new voltage system. The appliance has a nominal power of 4.6 m3 CNG per hour, the maximum output pressure is 210 bars and range of operating temperature from 5 to 50 °C, which in our climate conditions requires placement in an indoor area, for example in a garage.



MJ Compact 05As its 400V counterpart, the 230V refuelling appliance is equipped with a computer and automatic operation control, filling pressure temperature compensation, high-pressure gas drier, gas meter, pressure switch, methane sensor, NGV1 nozzle, breakaway coupling and 4.5m or 6m filling hose. Optionally the appliance can be equipped with two hoses. The appliance is connected to the natural gas supply system with maximal pressure of 0.2 bars using a standard domestic connection. A 70 litre pressure tank is filled in 3 hours. The CE Certificate of Conformity was issued by TÜV NORD Czech.