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Linde MH commissioned CNG filling station containing our technology

On Thursday, 18 October 2012, a compressed natural gas filling station with MOTOR JIKOV technology was officially put into operation in Linde Material Handling Czech Republic in Malešice, Prague.

The 840 litre pressure storage vessel fed to the pressure of 250 bar using four compressors with a total output of 20 m³/hour enables fast filling of fork-lift trucks and the company fleet. Gas filling is done using a comfortable Adast dispenser with the consumption metering and card access functions. With a total capacity of approximately 45,000 kg of compressed natural gas per year, the station provides filling of vehicles with a total annual driven distance of 900,000 km.

CNG filling station opening ceremony in Linde MH

Supplier of the technology is MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s. Construction of the filling station took less than one year, including the planning stage and approval process. The expected savings of fuel cost for the existing fleet in Linde MH is supposed to achieve up to CZK 450,000 per year.

“It has been our fourth application of such kind already. By the end of this year we will build 8 stations, all of them are so called in-house, from which 5 in cooperation with Linde MH. For the next year we plan building of 18 vehicle refuelling appliances and filling stations “ says Jiří Slíva, the member of the MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s. Board of Directors.

In connection with building the compressed natural gas filling station eleven CNG-driven company passenger VW cars were purchased for salesmen and managers. “Future of CNG fuel we can see not only in use for handling technology. What we believe in and what we offer to our customers has also been applied to the operation of our own company fleet of passenger cars,“ says Jindřich Kotyza, a representative of Linde Material Handling Czech Republic.

Linde MH purchased 11 CNG-driven Volkswagens