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Installation of CNG Technology in the OP Papírna Company

12 November 2013, Soběslav – A company internal CNG filling station of the MJ Variant 3K-980 series was installed and commissioned in the OP Papírna company in Olšany (Šumperk region) at the end of October.

The filling station is intended for fast filling of fork-lift trucks with compressed natural gas. Its maximum power is 15m3 per hour and the station is equipped with a 980 litre two-section high-pressure storage tank.

CNG plnicí stanice OP Papírna

The CNG filling station was installed in cooperation with Linde Material Handling Česká republika s.r.o. This company also provided the final customer with CNG-powered fork-lift trucks. This is another in the line of many successful applications of CNG-powered handling technology fleets.

By using compressed natural gas (CNG) powered fork-lift trucks, 50-70% of fuel costs can be saved when compared to diesel. The MJ Variant filling station is an optimum solution in terms of capacity as well as economy in companies using fork-lift trucks, as it can be adapted to customer needs and requirements depending on the growth of the CNG fork-lift truck fleet. The station can naturally be used for road vehicles as well.

Plnicí stanice CNG OP Papírna

The history of the OP Papírna dates back to 1861 and it has since then been one of the key world producers of cigarette rolling paper. Since 1997 it is a member of the Austrian holding Trierenberg Group, which became Delfortgroup Holding in 2007.