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Container CNG filling station for comfortable installation

January 2014 – The Special Machining and Production Division completed testing and started a serial production of another type of own CNG station with a lower power. The MJ Variant Plus filling station bears the best properties of two its two sisters and becomes an interesting alternative of compressed natural gas filling for the customers.

“The MJ Variant Plus station, which we developed in 2013 within our innovative activities, is a combination of the positive properties of MJ Variant, such as in particular flexibility and variability of technical solution, and of MJ Compact Plus, which is characterised by a simple installation and minimal construction demands,” says Jiří Slíva, Director of the Special Machining and Production Division.

The station is intended for users of the fleets of 5 to 20 vehicles with the annual consumption of CNG up to 60,000 m3, who require fast filling of the vehicle. A storage tank for compressed natural gas with the volume of 1,680 l guarantees the same filling speed as in the case of the public filling station, i.e. about 2–3 minutes.

The first installation of the station will take place in spring in the ROMOTOP company in Suchdol nad Odrou. This customer will be the first one testing the advantages of this innovation personally. To install the station in form of a technological concrete container with the size of 2.5×3.5×2.5m it is required to just secure concrete footing for the compressor and gas and electricity connections. The supplier will deliver the station to the place, completely prepared for operation, including the required legislation, and will commission it after connecting it to an electricity source.

MOTOR JIKOV offers several alternatives of MJ Variant Plus. The difference is in the number of compressors and in power ranging from 10 to 20 Nm3/h; measuring of the amount of filled gas is also variable. The offer includes a simple manual filling operation, a comfortable dispenser with the automatic filling process, a card access, a display of measuring of CNG dispensing or a manual dispensing completed with the CNG consumption (flow) measuring system and a chip access for user identification.

“MJ Variant Plus brings new possibilities to the segment of our filling stations. We expect interest both on domestic and foreign markets, especially in Central and Eastern Europe,” says Miroslav Dvořák, Chairman of the Board and General Director of the MOTOR JIKOV Group.

Innovation of the compressed natural gas filling station in MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská was financially supported by the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – Innovation of new types of gas appliances.