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Even Smaller Companies Are Using CNG for Delivery Vehicles in Slovakia

November 2016 – In mid-November, another in-house CNG filling technology from the MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s workshop, a MJ Variant 2K – 840, opened at the private bakery Pekáreň Jackulík.
The station was once again developed in cooperation with their Slovak partner Seol s.r.o., Košice and is installed in the premises of private bakeries in Námestovo in Slovakia. “Initially, the station will serve five FIAT DUCATO vehicles for distributing bakery products to nearby villages every day. The owner of the passenger vehicles is considering expanding the capacity of vehicles to 3K – 840 l. The installation is already prepared for this change. Currently, the filling equipment is on site with two MJ Compact 05 compressors with an output of ten cubic meters per hour and a high-pressure water capacity of 840 l,” said Karol Suchár, sales representative of CNG MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s.

Although the private bakery Pekáreň Jackulík is a smaller company, it plays a very important role in supplying its products to villages in the mountainous part of northern Slovakia – Orava.
Our eastern neighbours are known not only for slow filling MJ Compact 05 equipment from MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s, but also for its quick filling devices. An installation of two CNG filling stations of model MJ Compact Plus is planned next year, in cooperation with SEOL s.r.o.