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Car, vehicle refuelling appliance and CNG within a package

E.ON, ŠKODA AUTO and MOTOR JIKOV offer a new advantageous package.The Passenger car ŠKODA Citigo CNG Green tec, home-use vehicle refuelling appliance MJ05 made by Motor Jikov and advantageous delivery of CNG are one of the new product innovations thanks to which you can fill CNG comfortably at home, save up to a half of refuelling cost and relieve the environment at the same time.

The package was first introduced on 3 October at the PRODUCT INNOVATIONS event in the Prague-based La Fabrika Theatre, during which five innovative products, including two patent premieres, were presented on the eve of awarding ceremony of this year’s E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR 2012.

“Many interesting projects get together every year and it would be a big shame, if everything ended only by the pleasant award gala show. Therefore we decided to hold an event named PRODUCT INNOVATIONS to introduce the actually implemented products and services to public. Potential customers may acquire these,” said Vladimír Vácha, a spokesman for E.ON energy company.

An absolute winner of this year’s E.ON Energy Globe Award ČR 2012 was awarded the package consisting of a passenger car, MJ05 vehicle refuelling appliance and supply of CNG. Each winner of the seven categories of the competition (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth, Municipality and Handyman) and one of the people voting for final projects was provided a new Citigo CNG model borrowed for one-year use free of charge.

“MJ05 vehicle refuelling appliance and the passenger car Citigo CNG Green tec offer its new owner a comfortable operation, safety and ecology. Combined with the interesting offer of compressed natural gas supply, this product innovation has all attributes to address and attract a wide range of customers. A big temptation is definitely up to 50% of fuel cost savings compared to standard fuels,” says Miroslav Dvořák, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of MOTOR JIKOV Group. This South-Bohemian group of engineering companies and foundries has a close relationship to ecology. It was awarded 1st price in the Air category within the last year’s E.ON ENERGY GLOBE AWARD ČR 2011. This year it became the main partner of the competition and invests in modernization of power sources on a regular basis.

Citigo CNG Green tec emissions reach 79 g CO2/km. Behind this low value there are the fuel – natural gas – and ŠKODA Green tec technology with elements such as the Start-Stop system, recuperation of braking energy and tires with reduced rolling resistance. A city car with the engine output 50 kW (68 HP) consumes only 2.9 kg of natural gas per 100 km. Driving distance of the car is 550 km (350 km gas, 200 km gasoline from an additional tank, which the car is also fitted with).